Executive Summary - September 2017

Simon_Johnson.jpegAs we approach the Yomim Noraim, the Days of Awe which mark the spiritual culmination of the year, our thoughts turn to our families, and our loved ones and the challenges we all face.

Social care has been a big area of discussion and a major feature of our work over the summer.

There has been a particular debate about the extent to which the community is already and should further be enhancing the state’s provision in the field of youth mental health. One of the reoccurring messages that my Chairman, Jonathan Goldstein and I had picked up over the summer months, was from senior members of the community who are concerned about the service provision to deal with youth mental health issues. There have been in recent years a number of tragic cases of young people taking their own lives, which has given greater visibility and enhanced urgency to the subject.

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Jewish Community Leaders meet Prime Minister Theresa May


L: Dan Rosenfield, Sarah Anticoni, Josh Holt, Claudia Mendoza;

R: Hilda Worth, Gerald Ronson CBE, Jonathan Goldstein, Jonathan Arkush, Debbie Fox

A delegation of Jewish community leaders met today with Prime Minister Theresa May to discuss a wide range of policy issues affecting the community. The agenda, formulated by the Jewish Leadership Council in coordination with its member organisations, reflects our community’s concerns, both on the domestic front and internationally.

The meeting with the Prime Minister allowed the delegation to raise concerns, share ideas and best practices and highlight the community’s contribution to British society in areas such as social care, mental health education, security, and the UK’s relationship with Israel.

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Lead Hires Two New Staff Members

Lead, the leadership development division of the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) has announced the appointment of two new professional staff members to boost the Adam Science Leadership programme, work closely with alumni and support the wider community’s lay and professional leadership.

Miriam Lorie has joined as Lead’s Director of Programmes and Alumni Engagement, and Michelle Janes will take on the role of Director of Programmes and Consultancy, both part-time positions.

Miriam and Michelle will be responsible for running the Adam Science Foundations Course and Leadership Programme together, as well as playing a key role in widening the range of Lead’s offering.

In addition to this, Miriam, who was formerly Public Education Manager of the Cambridge Inter-faith Programme, as well as being an Adam Science alumna (2014) and co-founder of Kehillat Nashira (the UK’s first regularly meeting Partnership Minyan), will be responsible for developing and running alumni engagement strategies.

Michelle has been working as Operations Director for Masorti Judaism for five years, managing programming, events and volunteer development. Having recently completed an MBA with a focus on senior lay-professional relationships within the UK Jewish community, Michelle will be responsible for providing consultancy in leadership development to communal organisations.

Nicky Goldman, Director of Lead, said:

"We are delighted that Miriam and Michelle are joining the Lead team.  We firmly believe that our Programmes are vital in nurturing leaders in our community.

This is something Michelle and Miriam are also very passionate about. Both have many years’ experience working with the Jewish community, and we are looking forward to them bringing their talent and expertise to help develop the leadership programmes and resources that we can offer the community.”


Simon Johnson discussing Antisemitism on Revelation TV

As part of a Revelation TV investigation into antisemitism in the UK, JLC Chief Executive Simon Johnson contributed to the programme.

See the interview and full episode below.



Statement by JLC Chair Jonathan Goldstein Regarding the Antisemitic Article Published in the Sunday Times (Irish Edition)

Jonathan Goldstein, Chair of the Jewish Leadership Council, said:

“The Editor of The Sunday Times, Martin Ivens, phoned me last night to apologise for the antisemitic article published in this weekend’s Sunday Times (Irish Edition).
“We will meet in September and Mr Ivens has agreed then to discuss how this article managed to get through the editorial process.
“I am grateful for the swift initial steps taken by Mr Ivens. However, given the record-breaking rise in antisemitic incidents reported by CST and antisemitism’s unfortunate prominence in our national discourse over recent months, it is the editorial process that remains a concern.
“I look forward to meeting Mr Ivens to discuss how such incidents can be avoided in the future.”


JLC Chair Jonathan Goldstein Statement On The Resolution of Rabbi Joseph Dweck

"I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to Chief Rabbi Mirvis for his leadership and for the thoughtful way in which he and the Review Committee have resolved what has clearly been a complex and sensitive matter.

The studious deliberations of and constructive approach adopted by the Chief Rabbi and his fellow Review Committee members have led to an outcome that allows us to move forward together as a united community.

“Rabbi Dweck is a passionate spiritual leader who has been very successful at sharing his enthusiasm and connecting with congregants from all walks of life. I am happy he will be able to continue this important work for the benefit of the entire British Jewish community."


JLC elects Mark Adlestone OBE,DL as new Trustee

The Jewish Leadership Council announces the appointment of Mr Mark Adlestone OBE DL as a Trustee to undertake a three year term.

Mr Adlestone brings with him a wealth of experience across a variety of issues that are at the core of the JLC’s strategic priorities. As Chair of The Fed in Manchester, his views and expertise will contribute to the JLC’s efforts to address the challenges facing the community’s care sector.

Mr Adlestone oversaw the merger between The Fed and Heathlands Village, and his input and guidance will enrich Chairman Jonathan Goldstein’s focus on ensuring the long-term financial sustainability of the community.

Bringing to bear his Manchester experience, Mr Adlestone will also help drive the JLC’s regional outreach, working with the External Affairs team and colleagues across the country to deliver for British Jews across the UK.

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Finsbury Park Terrorist Attack

Following the terrorist attack last night, Simon Johnson, Chief Executive of the Jewish Leadership Council said:

“We utterly condemn the vile, terrorist attack at the Finsbury Park Mosque last night. To target those at worship or observing their faith is a betrayal of our British values of tolerance, respect and kindness, on which our society is built. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families.”


Simon Johnson Election Analysis - First snapshot of the new House of Commons

JLC Chief Executive Simon Johnson gives the first snapshot of the results and the potential impact of the House of Commons on the Jewish community on the morning after the 2017 General Election.


JLC Comment on Jeremy Corbyn attending memorial to Munich Massacre Terrorists

Simon Johnson, Chief Executive of the Jewish Leadership Council said:

"In light of today's news reports, it is high time that Jeremy Corbyn clarify his views regarding Palestinian terrorism. At first sight, attending a wreath laying ceremony for a known terrorist, who led one of the most notorious acts of international terrorism, the attack on the Munich Olympics, would appear to be beyond the pale."