JLC and Board of Deputies promote benefits of UK-Israel trade in Government consultation

The Jewish Leadership Council and Board of Deputies have pointed to areas where trade between Israel and the UK is flourishing and recommendations for enhancing the economic-relationship further, in a joint submission to the Department for International Trade’s consultation on the Free Trade Agreement with Israel.

In the document, the two organisations point to the thriving trade relationship between the UK and Israel in the high tech industries including medical devices, electronics, computer software and hardware, telecommunications, and collaboration in academic and scientific research.

The submission also addresses opportunities in the post-Brexit world to further strengthen trade and strategic links between the UK and Israel and stresses the importance of trade in combatting antisemitism and the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement. This will not only strengthen the diplomatic relationship between the two governments but could also help address the issue of antisemitism in the UK relating to Israel.

Board of Deputies Senior-Vice President David Mendoza-Wolfson said: “This consultation is an important opportunity to trumpet the benefits of a free trade agreement for both countries in a number of fields. We also stress that at a time when those who hate Israel continue to rally against cooperation, UK-Israel trade and relations, in general, are flourishing like never before. Even closer links will promote prosperity, goodwill and will have tangible benefits for both the UK-Jewish community, and wider UK society who have much to gain from this FTA”

JLC Chair Keith Black said: “Negotiations on a UK-Israel free tree trade agreement are just the latest step in our deepening bilateral relations. A new deal not only promises to bring economic benefits to our two countries but it also shows that despite the best efforts of those who serve to delegitimise the Jewish state, British businesses are eager to expand their relations with Israel. During these uncertain geopolitical times, it is more critical than ever that the ties that bind democratic liberal countries are cemented into relationships of enduring value and joint commitment to each other’s peace and prosperity.”


Creating Sacred Communities

Lead, the Leadership Development Division of the Jewish Leadership Council, partnered with the London Jewish Forum for an online event that brought together 31 community leaders from 25 organisations from across the communal spectrum to learn together with Dr Ron Wolfson and Rabbi Brett Kopin about lessons they discovered in their new book ‘Creating Sacred Communities’.

Topics of community relationship building were explored including how we understand the new dynamics that include online gathering.  Participants also heard about how the communal leaders featured in their new book have engaged members and grown communities through relationship building, personal connections and being clear about what it means to be part of a community.

The conversation was hosted by Noeleen Cohen, Trustee of London Jewish Forum.  She described the event as “An extraordinary opportunity for clergy, professionals and lay leaders to be part of a masterclass in what we need now to create connected, relational communities that will thrive in a post-pandemic world.”

Michelle Janes, Co CEO of the JLC and Executive Director of Lead commented that “At a time when we are looking to re-build, re-connect and re-engage communities of all types, this learning will undoubtedly allow us to think more purposefully about how we do this.”


JVN, in partnership with the JLC, hosts over 40 charities at the 2022 Reigniting Volunteering Conference

The Jewish Volunteering Network (JVN), together with The Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) hosted their first in-person volunteering event since the pandemic began.  The event was designed to help charities confront the changes that have occurred post pandemic, to reengage and reenvisage volunteering within the Jewish community and the wider sector.

Daniel Levy, Chair of JVN opened the conference, welcoming almost 100 people, including CEO’s and Volunteer Managers representing over 40 charities. Speakers included Joe Saxton, founder of nfpSynergy and Heyheyjoe, Catherine Johnstone CBE, CEO of the Royal Voluntary Service who organised the NHS response during lockdown and Shaun Delaney, Head of Volunteering Policy, and Partnerships with DCMS. Keith Black, Chair of the JLC closed the event.

Volunteering, the bedrock on which our society is built has suffered enormous challenges over the past two years. Pre-pandemic changes were accelerated by Covid with charities discovering that volunteers as well as the roles they filled were changing. Keynote speaker, Joe Saxton, supported this by sharing data revealing more younger volunteers have taken up roles in the voluntary sector than ever before.

The conference allowed CEOs and Volunteer Managers the space to come together to explore the power and value of volunteering. The goal was to help charities think differently and reshape the way they view volunteering with the need to recognise that trends have changed. Regular volunteering has become more transactional, and volunteers are looking for hybrid rather than traditional roles. We need to build skills and improve social mobility and life chances through volunteering possibilities.

Catherine Johnstone, CBE, Chief Executive of the Royal Voluntary Service, said “The pandemic reminded us of the importance of a deeply rooted civic society. For some members of our community volunteers provided a critical lifeline and helped buffer some of the harshest impacts of the pandemic. As we try to navigate continued national and global uncertainty we all need to work together to pay forward the inspiring and remarkable community spirit we have observed over the past 2 years”

Our keynote speakers were able to highlight the challenges, explore the lessons of the pandemic and reflect on ways to move forward. As Shaun Delaney, Head of Volunteering Policy, and Partnerships with DCMS says: “Volunteering looks completely different now. Resources such as emotional support, better training and flexibility are needed to help volunteers return.

One of the attendees, Mushka Cohen-Gluck of Jewish Care, posted on LinkedIn, “Very inspiring morning at the Reigniting Volunteering Conference organised by The Jewish Volunteering Network with a fabulous panel of industry experts Joe Saxton Catherine Johnstone CBE Shaun Delaney. It was great to meet fellow volunteer managers and discuss all aspects of our jobs and share ideas and resources. I am already receiving emails from people I met today to talk about collaborations with their organisations or to share ideas on things we have discussed. It is great to have in-person events back!

Another attendee, Volunteer Manager Jo Selwyn, also of Jewish Care, commented, “Thank you for a wonderful thought-out conference that you held at Hammerson House last week.  Firstly, the setting was so inviting, light and spacious, food delicious and your speakers where both enlightening and informative. I really enjoyed it and especially liked how you invited CEO’s and Managers so that they can both make a difference together.  It was a genius move and one I hope will prove very successful for Jewish Care and the future of volunteering.”

Nicky Goldman, JVN’s Chief Executive stated, “We need to understand how these changes will impact the Jewish community which has been built on volunteering. Charities would find it almost impossible to operate without volunteers who support our services - those who sit on trustee boards, committees, raise money, as well as support the face-to-face programmes. JVN works in partnership with charities to support them in developing robust volunteer strategies.”

Michelle Janes, Co-CEO of the JLC added “We were delighted to partner with JVN to highlight the need to invest in developing volunteering infrastructures within our community.  I believe we have a real opportunity to understand the needs of our organisations and our existing and potential volunteers.  We can do this by understanding and appreciating the changes we have witnessed during covid in trends and behaviours and to purposefully plan to re-engage and reignite volunteering.”

JVN will running a follow up session in June with volunteering consultant, Rob Jackson

If you have any questions, or for more information, contact [email protected]


JLC, Jewish Women’s Aid and Alliance of Jewish Women mark International Women’s Day 2022

Last week the JLC and Lead were delighted to partner with member organisation Jewish Women’s Aid and the Alliance of Jewish Women to celebrate International Women’s Day. Over 50 professionals and lay leaders joined us for the JLCs first in-person event since the pandemic, whilst we also held an online offering for those that couldn’t attend in person with people joining from Leeds, Manchester and Scotland.

The day began with networking and was a welcome opportunity for many to re-connect.  The participant experience was carefully planned to ensure the in person and online experiences were purposefully constructed and the format was tailored for each group.  There were four different sessions on offer, all available in person and online with a combination of community leaders as well as those from external organisations.  Speakers included Deloitte’s Global Inclusion Leader Emma Codd, who discussed the pandemic’s impact on working women, citing research Deloitte had recently undertaken with key conclusions shared which organisations can take away and implement to  make the workplace a better place for women during these challenging times; and Catherine Lenson, who in her day job is Managing Partner and Chief People Officer at SoftBank Vision Fund but is also a Trustee of JLC member University Jewish Chaplaincy. She was in conversation with JWA CEO, Naomi Dickson and they discussed Catherine’s career and how to better lead with confidence and how best to encourage allies to support their female colleagues.

The other two sessions featured several communal organisations, one session was held on improving inclusivity and diversity within our organisations which featured Dalia Fleming, Executive Director of KeshetUK alongside Lee Zucker who is HR manager at Kisharon and Library manager Neha Dhakar who described her personal experiences of working for a Jewish organisation as a non-Jewish person.  The final session featured other JLC members Langdon, World Jewish Relief and Jewish Women’s Aid as they conducted a panel discussion on giving a voice to those not in the room. The panel was joined by a Langdon service user who explained how the offerings provided by Langdon have empowered her to live a more independent life.

Michelle Janes, Co-CEO of the JLC said:

“We were delighted to bring together so many people for International Women’s Day and be able to showcase JLC members and other organisations and the great work they are doing. Attendees were given the opportunity to network and re-connect with people they had not seen physically in over two years.  Equally we were proud to continue to offer opportunities to connect online which we know has become vital over the last two years.  It is important for us that International Women’s Day is not just a single moment in the year but part of a programme of development and working towards a more inclusive community.”

Some quotes from people that attended included:


“A great way to celebrate IWD 2022.  The mix of in-person and hybrid show how the modern approach to running learning events can really work. Thought-provoking sessions and came away very inspired to challenge the bias!”


“This IWD event was a reminder of how far we have come and yet how much work remains. Having speakers with lived experiences deepened the  conversations and demonstrated an openness to sharing and listening to those we support and not only include but celebrate.”


“A well planned event with space for learning, discussion and reflection from community members across the country.”


“A brilliantly organised thought provoking day with excellent speakers and sessions.”


“Thank you for arranging such an interesting morning for our community. I found the panel of ladies insightful, easy to listen to and definitely took away some useful tips to try implement in our team. Always inspiring hearing from those devoted to working in our crucial community organisations.”


"Working in a male dominated environment I found these sessions really morale boosting. Short but informative with lots of take home points and strategies shared.  Very interesting speakers. A great way to mark IWD."


“Great event by a great organisation doing amazing inclusive work!”


International Women's Day 2022



The JLC and Lead are delighted to be holding an event for International Women's Day 2022 in partnership with Jewish Women's Aid (JWA) and The Alliance of Jewish Women (AJWO). On Tuesday 8th March we will be bringing together a range of speakers to discuss some of the topics currently facing our community professionals and we want you to be there. This will be our first in person event (an online option will be made available for those that can't attend in person) since the pandemic started and we will be providing opportunities for you to meet with all the participants where we will encourage you to share best practices and your own experiences with one another. Please note it will be held at a NW London venue which will be confirmed to you upon booking.

Below is a timetable of the activities, please note there will be two sessions running at the same time and you can chose which one you would like to attend. We realise it can be difficult to take so much time out of your working day and it will be fine if you can only attend part of the day.

10.00 – 10.05am Welcome

10.05 – 10.55am Introductory Activity

10.55 – 12.00pm How has covid impacted the working woman and what can be done to help
Emma Codd, Global Inclusion Leader, Deloitte
Claudia Mendoza, Co CEO JLC


Giving a voice to those not in the room
Michelle Mitchell, Head of Strategic Collaboration, JLC
Abelia Leskin, Gender Advisor, World Jewish Relief
Karen Lewis, Client Services Manager, Jewish Women's Aid
Sarah Merriman, Service User, Langdon

12.00 – 12.45pm Lunch and further networking

12.45 – 1.50pm How can we create a more inclusive and diverse workplace
Lee Zucker, HR Manager, Kisharon
Dalia Fleming, Executive Director, KeshetUK


How to lead with confidence
Catherine Lenson, Trustee, University Jewish Chaplaincy and Managing Partner and Chief People Officer, SoftBank Vision Fund
Naomi Dickson, CEO JWA (Facilitator)

1.50-2pm Close

Book your place

Session information:

How has covid impacted the working woman and what can be done to help will focus on the advantages and difficulties faced by women over the last two years and how can organisations ensure the new way of working is a positive for all and not just some of its team.

Giving a voice to those not in the room will help participants understand how they can support the many women that are still voiceless in our community and beyond. How can we hear their voices better so that we can design and deliver services that are free from bias and preconceptions and will truly meet their needs. Panel conversation to include service user to give strong case of where this has been valuable.

How can we create a more inclusive and diverse workplace will be a conversational session discussing specific areas communal organisations can do better in to ensure the workplace is an inclusive space for women.

How to lead with confidence will look at how participants can improve their overall confidence when leading in the workplace. How can you challenge yourself to continue to develop your strengths, break barriers and be the leader you want to be.

Tickets will be £10 for those attending in person and £5 online. The in person price will include lunch and all online participants will receive something in the post!

These sessions will include crucial conversations which are vital to the continued success of our communal organisations and we encourage all professionals, no matter your gender identity, to attend and show your commitment to making a difference.

In person places will be limited to ensure this is a safe covid space so please book early to avoid disappointment. The booking link can be found here.


PaJeS to become independent of the JLC

JLC and its education division PaJeS (Partnerships for Jewish Schools) have today announced that PaJeS has become independent of the JLC.

The Jewish Leadership Council’s (JLC) report in 2008 on ‘The Future of Jewish Schools’ and subsequent report ‘The Future of Jewish Schools: Three Years On’ recognised the major shift in Jewish education with the number of Jewish children in Jewish schools at a record high. This reckoning required a serious and thoughtful response to help schools shape their strategic future, and thereby strengthen Jewish life in the UK. As such, in 2012, the JLC established a division of the JLC - Partnerships for Jewish Schools (PaJeS) – to tackle this issue.

PaJeS’ first Chair was the JLC’s most recent past Chair, Jonathan Goldstein, and the work of PaJeS remains closely held and revered. It is with huge pride that PaJeS has gone from strength to strength and has adapted and evolved as the need has required. The JLC’s ambition was for PaJeS in time to become independent of the JLC while still closely connected. This important development, especially at a time when PaJeS’ services and expertise are required more than ever, is a testament to the foresight and professionalism of its staff led by Rabbi David Meyer OBE and the dedication of the Chair of its Advisory Board, Sarah Anticoni.

With increased independence, PaJeS will continue to flourish and, as a member of the JLC, continue to provide the high quality provision of support and training on which schools have come to depend.

The separation has been carried out in a way which respects and values both parties.  Both the JLC and PaJeS play essential roles in servicing the community and where relevant, and especially with regards to Public Affairs, the two organisations will continue to work closely together.

We were all saddened by the untimely passing of the Assistant Director of PaJeS, Lady Lira Winston z”l. Lira was with the organisation since its inception and she passionately believed in its role in supporting Jewish schools. She had been a driving force in planning this exciting new phase of PaJeS’ development.


Jonathan Goldstein, outgoing Chair of the Jewish Leadership Council said:

“The success of PaJeS is a typical JLC success. The JLC identifies key gaps in communal architecture, and we develop and then execute a plan to resolve it. Since 2012, PaJeS within the JLC has been providing unique support for our growing and successful Jewish school sector. Our schools are the pride of our community and they deserve only the highest quality support, which PaJeS provides. PaJeS becoming independent of the JLC as its next step in its growth will provide PaJeS with the freedom it needs to continue to service our schools. We will be delighted to continue working closely with the new organisation and to welcome PaJeS as a member of the JLC.”


Sarah Anticoni, Chairwoman of PaJeS:

“PaJeS has come of age thanks to the initial vision and support of the JLC, led by Jonathan Goldstein. Our commitment to supporting Jewish schools , their leadership teams and staff is as strong as ever. We will continue to strive to make pupils’ Jewish school experience, an excellent one.”


Professor David Latchman, Chairman of the Wohl Foundation said:

“The Wohl Legacy has been a proud funder of PaJeS for many years.   The JLC had the vision to establish a schools’ division and it has grown into a leading communal organisation.  Today PaJeS supports a wide range of Jewish schools across the country, and its growth over the years is a testament to the dedication of its team. 

“PaJeS will now graduate from the JLC and we are excited to watch the next steps of this journey. We wish them every success. “


Marina Yudborovsky, CEO of Genesis Philanthropy Group said:

“Both the JLC and PaJeS have been key to our strategy in the UK Jewish community, because each provides a highly effective platform for reaching a whole network of organizations. Seeing these organizations grow and evolve in order to remain relevant and impactful is incredibly gratifying and we look forward to seeing both organizations continue to flourish in this new format.”


Read more in the January 2022 PaJeS Update


Keith Black elected as JLC Chair

CST and JLC Trustee, Keith Black has been unanimously elected to succeed Jonathan Goldstein as JLC Chair. At a meeting of the JLC Council tonight Mr Black was elected to the position following a confirmatory vote by the JLC Council of Membership and trustees.

Mr Black was the sole candidate nominated following a period of open nominations. Any member of the JLC Council of Membership was eligible to be nominated.

Manchester raised Keith Black is the Chairman and Chief Executive of the Regatta group of outdoor clothing companies based in Manchester, a family business which he joined in 1981 after taking a law degree at Southampton University. He moved to North London in 2009. He has been the CST representative on the JLC Council of Members.

In comments to the JLC Council following his appointment, Mr Black said:

“I am hugely honoured that you have placed your trust in me to chair the Jewish Leadership Council. And I am very conscious of the responsibility that this entails.

“I must pay a huge tribute to my predecessor Jonathan who has been such a wonderful chairman.

“The JLC has a very simple mission; to help you all [JLC members] do your wonderful work.

“We live in a community that is nearly 500 years old and over that time has built a network of organisations and a communal infrastructure in the millenia old tradition of Diaspora Jewry.

“We have built a community that has layered over the fabric of British life our own mini-welfare state. We look after our old, our sick, our impoverished and our lonely, we educate our young through a huge network of schools and we look after them beyond school  whether at university or on the sports fields or in finding work, we have a wealth of diverse religious bodies catering for all sectors of our community, we engage with Israel in a myriad of different ways, we fight antisemitism and protect ourselves, we engage with national institutions and ensure our democratic voice is heard, we reach out to the wider world through our commitment to Tikkun Olam and through dozens and dozens  and dozens of other charities we ensure that Jewish life in this country is engaged, is rich with content, is vital and alive.

“We must ensure that our charitable sector is invigorated with new leaders, new volunteers, new ideas and of course new donors. We must enthuse, encourage, excite and enable – we have a very precious ecosystem of communal support. We at the JLC do not take it for granted and will work with you, our trustees and our professional team to ensure that its future is safe and secure.”


Win A Private Pod at the London Eye This Chanukah


This year as part of our Chanukah celebrations the Jewish Leadership Council and Jewish News are incredibly excited to be lighting up the London Eye on Sunday 5th December!

This year as part of our Chanukah celebrations we are incredibly excited to be lighting up the London Eye on Sunday 5th December! To celebrate we are giving one lucky person the opportunity to win a London Eye VIP experience (RRP £450) which includes:

  • Access to an entire pod privately for 2 to 16 guests*
  • Fast Track boarding through a dedicated entrance
  • 30 minutes rotation
  • 360° moving views from the heart of the city

*Experience must have a minimum of 2 guests 18 years of age or older, and up to a maximum of 16 guests (which can consist of adults and children)

Entering the competition couldn't be easier, simply post a photo of you/your family lighting a menorah on any of the nights of Chanukah or posing alongside a public menorah and tag the JLC and Jewish News on either Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #sharethelight. We will then pick a winner at random and contact you via the platform you entered.

Links to our social media:

JLC Facebook

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Instagram -

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Instagram - @jewishnewsuk

Terms and Conditions:

- One entry per person per platform

- Entrants must use #sharethelight and follow the Jewish Leadership Council on the platform they enter the competition to be included in the draw 

- Competition closes at 11.59pm on Sunday 5th December, any entrants after this time will not be counted.

- The Jewish Leadership Council reserves the right to use any images submitted in any publicity we see fit. This might include a newsletter mail out, annual review, future social media posts.

- Entrants must be 18 or over

- We will announce the winner on each of our social media platforms week commencing 6th December 2021.

- The winner will have two days to respond, if they don't we will chose another entrant at random.

- We will supply an electronic voucher to the winning entry. It will be your responsibility to book the experience.

- The Jewish Leadership Council holds no responsibility for anything further than contacting the winner and issuing the voucher.

- Your Private Pod for up to 16 people must be redeemed by 31st December 2022. Please allow 10 working days to organise your booking. Complimentary tickets are subject to all terms and conditions of The London Eye. Please note this voucher cannot be used on New Year’s Eve, Valentines Day, or during the month of August. This list is not exhaustive and if you are unsure, you should contact an advisor or check


Jonathan Goldstein to step down as JLC Chair

JLC Chair Jonathan Goldstein today announced his resignation to the JLC Council of Membership.

Mr Goldstein explained that it has regrettably become unsustainable for him to be able to continue as JLC Chair whilst running an increasingly complex business and ensuring he has time for his family.

An election will now be held amongst JLC Council members to elect a new chair. Eligible candidates need to be members of the JLC Council and nominations will open in early December. A new Chair will be in place following an election in early January.

Jonathan Goldstein, outgoing Chair of the JLC said:

“It has been a privilege to serve as Chair of the JLC for the last four and a half years and I am proud of all our enormous achievements. I have enjoyed being an active and present Chair. Recent events and pressures have made it impossible for me to be as present as I would want to be and as the JLC needs me to be. I have taken the painful but necessary decision to step down. I am incredibly proud of my achievements as Chair, from playing a leading role fighting antisemitism within the Labour Party to our rapid response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Looking at the JLC Trustee Board gives me huge confidence for the future. I am reassured that the future of the JLC is in very safe hands under strong and professional leadership with a highly capable pool of nominees to succeed me around our Council table.”

Debbie Fox, Vice Chair of the JLC said:

It has been my honour to have worked alongside Jonathan over a period of unprecedented impact and growth for the JLC. Thanks to his insightful leadership, he steps away from an organisation that is facing its future with clarity of vision, alignment and a clear remit to build on the strong  strategic foundations that have been set over his tenure.  He should take ownership of this legacy and feel justifiably proud.


Leaders attending the Brighton Labour Conference take a tour of Brighton’s exciting new Jewish community hub and the beautiful Grade II listed Middle Street Synagogue.

BNJC (Brighton and Hove Jewish Community) and Brighton & Hove Hebrew Congregation were delighted to host a contingent of guests attending the Labour Party Conference in Brighton for a tour to spotlight the importance and value of the city’s Jewish future, and its past. Guests included Jo Stevens MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Claudia Mendoza Co-Chief Executive of Jewish Leadership Council and Marie van der Zyl, President of the Board of Deputies. 

The contingent first visited the new Jewish community development in central Hove (BNJC), where CEO Marc Sugarman hosted a hard hat tour of the site. Still under construction and on track to open next summer, the community development aims to revitalise Jewish life in Brighton & Hove by building the infrastructure for Jewish life. Delicious Kosher dining, a beautiful new Synagogue and Mikvah, superb education, co-working facilities and a rich programme of cultural events provide every opportunity for the community to thrive.

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