JLC Statement On Recent Populus Findings

Commenting on the new BICOM poll, which has uncovered even stronger opposition to boycotts of Israel, Simon Johnson, Chief Executive of the Jewish Leadership Council said:

The findings of this report are positive and encouraging. The move in opinion against BDS demonstrates the work of various organisations to better inform the British public about the ongoing situation in the middle-east. Research like this is important in uncovering true public opinion which is often misrepresented across the UK. I hope that this study acts as a foundation from which we can build on when looking to further educate on Israel issues in the future.


Balfour 100 Campaign And Website Launches


As we begin the year’s countdown to the centenary of the Balfour Declaration on 2nd November 2017, we are proud to announce the launch of the Balfour 100 campaign and Balfour 100 website.

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Joint Statement From the Board of Deputies, Union of Jewish Students, Jewish Leadership Council and Community Security Trust



Statement on the passing of Sir Sigmund Sternberg

Sir Mick Davis, Chairman of the Jewish Leadership Council said:

Sir Sigmund Sternberg was not only one of the great Jewish philanthropists, he was also a pioneer of global Jewish-Christian relations through his work with the Council of Christians and Jews. His story of arriving in Britain in 1939 from Hungary is a similar one to many of his generation. Through dedication and hard work he succeeded in building his successful business and devoted his life to charitable causes.

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Comment on the Home Affairs Select Committee report into antisemitism

“Sir Mick Davis, Chairman of the JLC, Said

“The Home Affairs Select Committee have delivered a serious report which has made serious recommendations. We welcome the fact that this independent, cross party group of MP’s has produced a unanimous report which sets out a road map for concrete action to address anti-Semitism in all its forms. The proposal of a working definition for anti-Semitism is a welcome start  and their proposals to address the intolerable rise in hate speech online are timely and necessary.

The report correctly says that it is not anti-Semitic to criticize or campaign against the actions of the Israeli Government but it should be noted that disproportionate criticism of the Israeli Government is problematic. The report highlights but does not endorse my views that anti Zionism of the 21st century is anti-Semitic; it nevertheless makes very cogent comments and  recommendations about the Zionism and anti-Semitism.

The JLC and CST will work together with our partners to ensure recommendations are carried out as quickly as possible”


Statement on UNESCO vote

In response to the UNESCO vote on the Jewish historical connection to the Western Wall and the Temple Mount, Simon Johnson, Chief Executive of the Jewish Leadership Council said:

“UNESCO's decision makes a mockery of the institution. It is comparable to removing the association of Bethlehem from Christianity or pretending that the Old Testament never existed. It ignores years of history and archaeological proof of the Jewish connection to Jerusalem. Whilst we would like to thank the UK Government representative for voting against the motion, UNESCO has proved itself spineless, biased and politically motivated”



From The Chairman’s Desk: October 2016

Like all of you I felt profoundly sad when I heard the news of the passing of Shimon Peres, the last of the great founding political leaders of the modern State of Israel. We had known each other for a number of years and I was privileged to join him on some of his ground breaking initiatives. Whilst I was UJIA’s chairman, he was gracious in his support both for the UJIA and the British Jewish Community and for that alone I am grateful. But more profoundly, as a Jew I am so appreciative of his drive to ensure that Israel became the prosperous and successful country we all love and appreciate today.

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World Jewish Relief Launches Haiti Hurricane Appeal

World Jewish Relief has launched an emergency appeal following the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.

Hundreds have died and whole towns have been swept away, with tens of thousands of people displaced from their homes. The risk of a surge in cholera cases increases daily.

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Alan Dershowitz Addresses Guests At UJIA Annual Dinner

(C) Blake Ezra Photography Ltd. 2016

Monday 19 September saw nearly 900 guests attend UJIA’s Annual Dinner at the Grosvenor House Hotel, chaired by UJIA Trustee Lauren Fried.

The guest speaker was Alan Dershowitz, Emeritus Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, author and attorney as well as a passionate Israel advocate. He spoke about the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement targeting Israel as well as growing extremism all over the world.


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Young Camp Simcha Launches With Illuminating Evening


Camp Simcha ‘Illuminate’ held its inaugural fundraising event – a dinner at the Watford Hilton attracting 220 guests.

Illuminate is the ‘young’ arm of Camp Simcha. In this case, young is defined as mid 20s up to age 45.


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