Exec Summary: October 2016


Shimon Peres’s blessed memory will, I hope, inspire a genuine search for peace in the Middle East, something which he strove for all his political life. But, his gentle, compromising nature has long been an inspiration to me and will continue to be so.


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Kisharon Changes The Face Of Charity Shopping At Equal In Temple Fortune

Kisharon Equal Opening 13301

Business is booming at Kisharon’s latest social enterprise – the Equal store that has opened in Temple Fortune. This is a charity store with a difference because everything on sale at Equal is brand new and its upmarket goods and sleek interior would be worthy of any West End store.

At the official opening Kisharon Chief Executive Dr Beverley Jacobson outlined plans for the social enterprise including “training young people with learning disabilities through supported internships in all different sorts of work so that we can find out their skill sets and match them into employment opportunities.”

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Lead Launches Revamped Adam Science Programme

This May, Lead launched its revamped Adam Science Programme, the long running lay leadership programme which aims to inspire and empower young adults to lead, and to know how and where they can best contribute to our community.

The new programme comprises of 2 parts; the Foundations Course which provides knowledge about the UK and global Jewish Community together with a focus on understanding the community within the context of the wider UK voluntary sector, plus the Leadership Programme which builds on the Foundations Course and provides leadership development sessions delivered for the first time in partnership with Cass Business School’s Centre for Charity Effectiveness.

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Q&A With Laurie Rackind, Chief Executive Jami

What opportunities do you hope to get from joining the JLC and what expertise will Jami offer to the JLC and its member organisations?

Mental Health is one of the most important issues affecting modern society.  One in four of us will be affected by mental illness in any year. The Jewish Community has provided a disproportionate number of psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health professionals to the wider community and yet arguably has failed to focus on its own mental health. We hope that in time, the Jewish Community will become admired for its approach to Mental Health in terms of stigma & discrimination, education, awareness and the provision of services. The JLC, its member organisations and stakeholders are key to achieving this aim. We hope that JLC members commit to accepting Jami’s offer to deliver Mental Health First Aid training to key staff.

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Multi Academy Trusts And The Jewish Schools Academy Trust

Following on from the backing of the Government proposing that as many schools as possible join Multi Academy Trusts, PaJeS received final approval from the DfE for the establishment of the Jewish Schools Academy Trust. We are currently in discussions with a number of schools who are interested in joining a MAT.

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Reform Judaism Fighting Fit With Biggest Annual Dinner


Sir Terence Etherton, one of the most senior judges in England and Wales, addressed a packed Montcalm Hotel on Tuesday evening, expressing his pride in Reform Judaism.

Sir Terence, an accomplished fencer, who will become Master of the Rolls - the head of civil justice in England and Wales - on 3rd October, described how his new position has often had a Jewish link, with five of the past six post-holders having Jewish connections.

The experienced judge also offered guests a moving description of his same sex marriage at West London Synagogue to his partner of more than 30 years.

The event, Reform Judaism’s Annual Dinner, generously supported by Investec, was the best attended in the movement’s history.

In an evening of new beginnings, guests were introduced to new President, Sir Trevor Chinn, and the organisation’s new Chairperson, Geoffrey Marx.

Reform Judaism, which enables the growth of vibrant Reform Jewish communities, showcased its three key organisational focuses: Re-imagining leadership; adult social care and promoting empowering Jewish practice. Each theme had been identified in close consultation with communities, and was launched earlier this year at the movement’s biennial conference, Chagigah (‘Celebration’).

Sir Terrence Etherton said;

The first day it was possible, I had a same sex marriage to my partner of 39 years. How proud and thankful I was to be a Reform Jew and a citizen of this country on that day.

Sir Trevor Chinn, Reform Judaism President, who also addressed the gathering said;

The future of Reform Judaism will define the future of the British Jewish community.


JLC Statement On The Passing Of Shimon Peres

Sir Mick Davis, Chairman of the Jewish Leadership Council, said:

Shimon Peres, the last of the great founding political leaders of the modern State of Israel, was driven to ensure that Israel became the prosperous and successful country we all love and appreciate today.

He was a great innovator and his creative efforts were a crucial factor that propelled Israel into the OECD. He was a tireless campaigner for peace in the region and an inspiration to Jewish people across the world in his pursuit of that goal. The fondness with which he is held is without peer in the Diaspora and his legacy will be felt for generations to come.


The Zionist Federation of Great Britain And Ireland Joins The Jewish Leadership Council

The Jewish Leadership Council is delighted to welcome The Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland (ZF) as a member. The Zionist Federation is an established part of British Jewry and becomes the 33rd member of the Jewish Leadership Council.

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Simon Johnson Response To The Abuse Received By Labour MP Ruth Smeeth

The threats targeted at Ruth Smeeth MP have no place in society. The Leader of the Labour Party seems to have no control over his ‘so-called’ supporters and his repeated condemnations have not begun to tackle antisemitism within his party.  Where individuals are known to Mr Corbyn, he must act to protect his MPs. His calls for a ‘kinder, gentler politics,’ are proving to be at best a cover-up for his lack of decisive action and at worse something far more sinister.

This quote was taken from an article featured online at the Jewish News


JLC Statement Regarding The Arrest Of A Senior Official From World Vision

These allegations must be investigated and, if proven, the international community must respond. Accusations of this nature raise serious questions regarding Department for International Development and the Disasters Emergency Committee funding and both organisations needs to act to ensure that international funding does not end up in the hands of terrorist organisations.