21st Century Jewish Teens Conference

Children are not the people of tomorrow, but are the people of today. They are entitled to be taken seriously.."  –Janusz Korczak

Reshet, 'network' in Hebrew, is a small hub designed to further enhance informal Jewish education in the British Jewish community.  Reshet is cross-communal, supporting Jewish youth work throughout the UK. Please have a look at the Reshet website for more information about our work.

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University of Exeter and the JLC co-host a debate on the representation of Israel in UK academic discourse by Barnaby Powell, Vice President of the Exeter Jewish Society

In October of last year an academic conference was held at the University of Exeter on the topic of whether Israel was a settler colonial state. Whilst attracting significant academic interest it was not particularly well advertised to students, and with no students participating, it did not feel particularly accommodating to the student population. This was troubling to me because of the emotive nature of the debate. The JLC acknowledged this and worked hard to ensure another debate took place involving students, and so was born the debate/lecture last week entitled “the treatment of Israel in academic discourse at UK universities”, chaired by Sir Steve Smith, the Vice-Chancellor of the University.

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Exec's Summary: February 2016

The values of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are deep seated British values but in this last month they seem to have been denied to those who wish to speak for and support the Jewish community and Israel.

The violent and intimidating protests outside a pro-Israel event at Kings College London were a disturbing example of how little restraint and respect exists amongst those for whom protest against Israel is the prime objective.  I welcome the rapid response of the Police and the commitment by the King’s College Vice Chancellor to bring disciplinary action against perpetrators and to invite the speaker to return.

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Chair's Message: February 2016

One of the most important dates in the JLC calendar is our meeting with the Prime Minister. In the days following, what was a fantastically positive dialogue with the leader of Her Majesty’s Government, the focus has been on the male dominated make-up of our delegation. As you all know I am not one to shy away from an issue, especially important one’s such as deficiency of women in the ranks of Jewish leadership. As a community we all need to continue to take steps to change the face of our community’s leadership – a process which began when I established the Commission for Women in Jewish Leadership in late 2011.

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JLC Announces External Affairs Manager Roles in Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester

The JLC is recruiting three External Affairs Managers based in Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester to support the needs of the Jewish community in these important political hubs.

The newly-created roles will increase the JLC’s ability to provide practical advocacy support to communities in major Jewish centres and follows a period of consultation with local organisations including The Glasgow Jewish Representative Council, Leeds Jewish Representative Council, Manchester Representative Council and the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities. The new External Affairs Managers will provide additional communal advocacy resource as well as supporting local lay leaders.

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Exeter and the JLC co-host debate on the representation of Israel in UK academic discourse

2nd February 2016: The University of Exeter and the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) have co-hosted a special event to debate how Israel is represented in academic discussions across the UK.

The event, which took place on Monday, February 1 under the title of ‘The treatment of Israel in academic discourse at UK Universities’, featured academics, students from the University and representatives from the Jewish community debating both sides of the major topic.

This debate was designed to allow debates pertaining to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to occur whilst upholding the principles of academic freedom and freedom of speech. This followed discussions between the JLC and the University of Exeter in the lead-up to last year’s academic conference on ‘Settler Colonialism in Palestine & Workshop on the Naqab Bedouin’, during which the University announced it would hold a supplementary event to provide an opportunity for further debate.

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Jewish Leadership Council Welcomes New Vice Presidents

The Jewish Leadership Council has announced four new Vice Presidents - Lord Finkelstein, Lord Kestenbaum, Baroness Neuberger and Lord Palmer of Childs Hill – for an initial three year term.

Whereas the council’s members represent specific organisations, the role of the JLC's Vice-Presidents is to act as a resource to support the Jewish community leadership by advising the JLC's Trustees and Council of Membership. The new Vice Presidents will add their experience to the seven Vice Presidents who have been reappointed and continue to support the Jewish community and the JLC.

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Sir Mick Davis Statement on the Passing of Lord Weidenfeld

Lord Weidenfeld was a leader, thinker and businessman whose thoughts and understanding of our changing world were sought after by leaders the world over. He had a broad view of the world and how it could be shaped for the benefit of mankind. He was innovative and tireless in his search for solutions to the challenges of our time.  He was a remarkable philanthropist and amongst his last acts was the rescuing and resettling of Christian families from Syria and Iraq. That epitomises his legacy. I am deeply saddened by his loss but take comfort that we are all better off for his extraordinary contribution to this country and society across the world.


The Jewish Leadership Council Meets With Prime Minister David Cameron

Today, (Wednesday 13th January) the Jewish Leadership Council was at Number 10 Downing Street for the Jewish community’s annual meeting with the Prime Minister. The meeting was an opportunity to raise concerns and issues facing the Jewish community. It highlighted the continuing support from the Prime Minister and how Jewish initiatives will support key government policies.

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JLC Trustees Sir Mick Davis & Leo Noé Present To The Accelerate Conference On Behalf Of Kemach Foundation

Sir Mick Davis, Chair of the JLC and Leo Noé, Treasurer of the JLC are both Trustees of the Kemach Foundation. The Kemach Foundation creates opportunities for Haredim to enter the Israeli work force by individually addressing financial and academic challenges and facilitating job placement. Kemach has rapidly grown into Israel's premier umbrella agency for Haredi education and employment.

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