Exec Summary: July 2015

I have spent quite a bit of time in Manchester and Leeds in the last month. Being a native Mancunian, I always enjoy my trips up North. I enjoy meeting old friends. And, from my perspective as Chief Executive of the Jewish Leadership Council, it is very useful to immerse myself in the issues and challenges that the community faces outside of London and the South East.

I think it is important for me as a community leader to get out of our so called “ivory tower” in London and visit regional communities. As an organisation committed to addressing the strategic challenges for community structure and funding, there is much that we can learn from the regional communities.

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Chair's Message: July 2015

The nuclear deal between the world powers and Iran has occupied the headlines in the last few weeks. While we hope that the deal will limit Iran’s ability to develop nuclear weapons, we urge extreme vigilance on those who are policing the agreement. This is essential so that Iran, which remains a sponsor of terror worldwide, has no opportunity to develop weapons of mass destruction. We call on our Government to reaffirm that it will take all steps necessary to ensure that any violation by Iran will be met with severe consequences. We also call on the Government to continue to stand against Iran’s dangerous destabilising policies in the Middle East, especially since this issue was not accounted for in the deal. Head of Policy & Research Claudia Mendoza writes more about this later in the newsletter. While many remain justifiably concerned about the final agreement I think that efforts in Israel and elsewhere would be better placed if they concentrate on what potential options this agreement opens up rather than using up precious political capital to frustrate it – that is something for the political process in that Country to deal with. Now more than ever alliances between Israel and other middle-east powers, hitherto unthinkable, are possible to confront what is now the common concerns of a resurgent Iran on the one hand and an out of control Isil on the other. These alliances may also pave the way for progress on the pressing issue of a lasting agreement with the Palestinian People.

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JLC Meeting With Minister for Middle East Tobias Ellwood

The Jewish Leadership Council convened a meeting with the Minister for Middle East, Tobias Ellwood for its member organisations on Thursday 16th July 2015 at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The meeting was warm and constructive, allowing community leaders to discuss substantial community, national and international issues with the Minister.

The issues discussed included community security and antisemitism – specifically the issue of Jewish citizens being targeted abroad, the nuclear deal just signed with Iran, the Peace Process and concerns pertaining to the delegitmisation of Israel.


JLC Reaction To The FA’s Decision Not To Charge Malky Mackay

16th July 2015

Simon Johnson, Chief Executive of The Jewish Leadership Council reacted as follows;

We are disappointed that the FA has decided not to charge Malky Mackay with any offence. This decision seems at odds with the positive interventions that the FA made in the cases of Dave Whelan and Mario Balotelli last season.

If the FA is determined to have a zero tolerance attitude to racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia and discrimination of any kind, then it is not sustainable to create a distinction between private messages and public comments.

I call upon the FA to review its disciplinary procedures and to rethink this inconsistent approach.


Jewish Leadership Council Expands Its Membership In The Care Sector As JWA and Langdon Both Join

The Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) today welcomes two new organisations to its Council of Membership. Langdon and Jewish Women’s Aid (JWA) were both unanimously admitted as members at the meeting of the JLC Council on 13th July 2015. The new additions further strengthen the JLC’s membership in the social care sector.

JLC Chief Executive Simon Johnson has, with the support of the Trustees and Council, been seeking to expand the JLC’s membership in the social care sector, to strengthen the JLC’s representative role in line with its stated objective to put social and health care at the heart of the JLC’s strategic objectives.

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The Jewish Leadership Council and Board of Deputies Urge Caution About Iran Deal

The Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council call for caution and vigilance in response to today’s nuclear deal with Iran.

While we hope that the deal which has been reached between Iran and world powers will limit its ability to develop nuclear weapons, we would urge extreme vigilance on those who are policing the agreement.

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Sir Mick Davis Responds to News of the death of Sir Nicholas Winton

Sir Mick Davis, Chair of the Jewish Leadership Council and of the Prime Minister’s Holocaust Commission, has reacted to the death of Sir Nicholas Winton.

There are few people who have had such an impact on history as Sir Nicholas Winton. Whilst the world stood by as Jews were persecuted by the Nazi’s in the period before the Second World War and then annihilated in the years of the Holocaust, Sir Nicholas refused to be a bystander or to allow evil to prevail. He made a remarkable personal intervention in what is today known as the Kinder transport and saved the lives of young and innocent Jewish children who otherwise would have most certainly have died in the concentration camps. His legacy lives on in the thousands of people, directly and indirectly, who owe their lives to his heroism. His name shall endure for generations as a symbol of the power of ordinary people to make a difference to the lives of others. I pass on my condolences to his family at this time as we all mourn his passing.


Jewish Leaders Meet With London Marathon CEO To Discuss The 2016 London Marathon

A delegation of leaders from Jewish community organisations met with the Chief Executive of the London Marathon, Nick Bitel, to discuss the timing of the 2016 Virgin Money London Marathon. The meeting was attended by Chief Executives Simon Johnson, Jewish Leadership Council; Gillian Merron,Board of Deputies of British Jews and Paul Anticoni, World Jewish Relief and Michael Ziff, Chairman of Maccabi GB.

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Envision 2015: A New Landscape For Women Leaders

Over May and June 2015, Lead ran ‘Envision 2015: a new landscape for women leaders’. This innovative leadership development programme for women communal professionals was developed by Lead following a recommendation of the JLC Women’s Commission to develop bespoke leadership development for senior women professionals. Envision 2015 was split into 2 modules; a two day leadership development module and a one day leadership skills day.

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Jewish Leadership Council Pays Tribute To Departing Ambassador H.E. Daniel Taub

The Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) today joined with other communal leaders in paying fulsome tribute to the outgoing Israel Ambassador to the Court of St James, H.E. Daniel Taub, who has announced that he is relinquishing his post and returning to Israel.

Sir Mick Davis, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the JLC, said;

Daniel Taub has been an exemplary and outstanding Ambassador of the State of Israel in the UK. In his four years in post, he has been an articulate, inspiring, passionate and balanced advocate for the State of Israel.  His collegiate, friendly and outgoing manner, together with his ready wit, deep learning ,  knowledge and empathy with the UK Jewish Community, has made him one of the best friends this community could have had as an Ambassador from Israel. His speeches and media comments were always measured, sensible and motivational.  The UK community will miss his deep care, his accessibility, and his ready smile at the numerous community events which he made it his business to attend. The UK community’s loss is the people of Israel’s gain. We wish him every success and he and his family only joy and happiness in the next stage of their lives.

For further information, please contact Simon Johnson, Chief Executive, on 0207 042 8681 or by email at [email protected]