United Synagogue Launch The ‘70 Days For 70 Years’ Project

An inspiring project to mark 70 years since the liberation of Auschwitz has launched across the world. The ‘70 Days for 70 Years’ project, the brainchild of Rabbi Andrew Shaw, Director of the Living and Learning (education) Department of the United Synagogue, is a global project which aims to engage participants of all ages in Jewish learning for 70 Days.

The project started on January 25th and ends 70 days later, on the first day of Pesach.

The London launch for the ‘70 Days for 70 Years’ project took place on Sunday 25th January 2015 at St John’s Wood United Synagogue, marking Day 1 of the project.

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The Jewish Leadership Council and the Board of Deputies of British Jews Response To 'Poll of Jewish Attitudes'

Wednesday, 14th January 2015

The Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) and the Board of Deputies of British Jews have noted the ‘poll of Jewish attitudes’ on antisemitism in Great Britain and the discourse that has accompanied it.

Even when allowing for the methodological flaws of the research, the anxiety articulated is real and we should not be complacent about the re-emergence of antisemitism in the past year, as highlighted by many Community Security Trust (CST) reports. However, it is important to remember that the current level and nature of antisemitism in Britain is not as bad as we have seen in France and other European countries and incidents of a violent nature are much lower than they have been in previous years. The CST works closely with the Police and Government to ensure that British Jews can continue to go about their lives with pride and confidence.

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Jewish Leadership Councils Response To The APPG Inquiry Into Antisemitism

Today saw the release of the APPG inquiry into Antisemitism. The full report can be found at

The Jewish Leadership Council supports the findings and recommendations of the inquiry as part of a broader political effort to combat the rise in levels of antisemitism in the UK. Chief Executive Simon Johnson has appeared on media outlets, including BBC and Sky News, to give his views on the Group’s findings.


Jewish Community Leaders Meet With Prime Minister David Cameron

Leaders from a number of UK Jewish communal organisations met with the Prime Minister, Rt Hon David Cameron MP on Tuesday 13th January 2015 at Number 10 Downing Street. The scheduled meeting, which is an annual fixture in the Prime Minister’s diary, was highly constructive and allowed the community to discuss substantial communal, national and international issues.

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A Message From Communal Organisations After The Paris Terrorist Attacks

12th January 2015

We have been deeply saddened by the terrible terrorist attacks in Paris last week.  Our community’s thoughts and prayers have gone out to the victims and their families. This was an attack upon Jews, freedom of speech and those who protect our liberty.

When the terrorists turned their attention to shoppers and staff in the kosher supermarket, there was naturally fear and concern amongst our community as we watched events unfold.

The CST responded rapidly to the developing situation, liaising with the Police and Government to ensure that there was additional visible security around key Jewish community locations and increased patrols. Advice has been circulated to schools and parents, shuls and other communal buildings. The CST’s blog, linked to here, has been a constant source of updated information and reassurance.

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Jewish Leadership Council, Jewish Care, Nightingale and Hammerson and Norwood Meet With Jon Rouse, Director General for Social Care, Local Government and Care Partnerships at the Department of Health

On Tuesday 25 November, the Jewish Leadership Council convened a meeting with Jewish Care, Nightingale and Hammerson, and Norwood – its three biggest social care members - and Jon Rouse, Director General for Social Care, Local Government and Care Partnerships at the Department of Health.

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70 Governors At Grant Thornton For PaJeS Training Event

PaJeS recently held its second evening of training workshops for governors of Jewish schools. We were very fortunate to be hosted by Sue Nyman, Chair of Governors at Yavneh College, at the offices of Grant Thornton. Around 70 governors from 24 different schools attended and there was a lively buzz of conversation and excitement throughout the evening.

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Council Q&A, Mark Adlestone, The Fed Chairman

  1. What opportunities do you hope to get from joining the JLC and what expertise will The Fed offer to the JLC and its member organisations?

Joining the JLC will enable us to be part of a wider group where we might exchange ideas and benchmark ourselves against London based/larger organisations. Whilst we face similar challenges, it is undoubtedly different in the regions and we can only benefit from shared views and experiences. Membership will broaden our perspective and increase our networking opportunities.

The Fed has demonstrated leadership and visionary skills in Manchester. Having driven three mergers and created a national flagship project with the creation of an intergenerational care village, we have a great deal to offer.

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Exec Summary: December 2014

I had the privilege to attend the AJEX Parade at the Cenotaph on Sunday 17th November.  This was my first visit and I found it to be rather inspiring.

Whitehall was specially sealed off for the Parade, and Central London stopped for this most solemn act of communal remembrance. As the trumpeter sounded the first notes of The Last Post at the Cenotaph, I watched in awe as simultaneously, the hands of Jewish ex-Servicemen, current members of the Armed Forces, young cadets and volunteers, all were raised in a crisp salute. And I felt a certain emotion as the Band of the Grenadier Guards, who had provided an authentic military sound to the event, played Adon Olam, as all the crowd sang along. It struck me as a seamless integration of Jewish culture and values with those of our country’s military and political establishment. I found it a comforting spectacle.

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Chair's Message: December 2014

We were delighted this month to welcome Kisharon and The Fed in Manchester as new members of the JLC, further strengthening our representative position in the social care sector.

It comes as we look ahead to the challenges that the JLC and its members should address now as we prepare for the next generation of the UK Jewish community.

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