Letter to Secretary of State Regarding British Academy Sponsored Conference Featuring Richard Falk

Professor Richard Falk is due to speak at a conference on "Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories"  on 11-12 September 2013 at the Australian National University in Canberra. The conference is funded by the British Academy.

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JLC Hosts Yuval Steinitz MK

Israel’s Minister for Intelligence, International Relations and Strategic Affairs, Yuval Steinitz MK met with leaders of the British Jewish community on Thursday, in a meeting hosted by the Jewish Leadership Council.

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Statement regarding European Union ban of Hizballah's military wing

In response to the European Union’s banning of Hizballah’s military wing on 22nd July 2013, the Jewish Leadership Council and Community Security Trust stated the following;

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JLC David Ward Suspension Reaction

Reacting to the news that the Chief Government Whip has temporarily suspended the Lib Dem party whip from David Ward MP, JLC Chief Executive Jeremy Newmark said:

There are serious questions as to whether this move came swiftly enough and whether it goes far enough. However some action that is the first proper, formal recognition of the serious nature of this matter is better than none. If the Liberal Democrat party is committed to stamping out extremism of this kind it really must develop a process that enables the leadership to act in a swift and decisive manner against parliamentarians who cross red lines. As we have seen with the remarks of Sir Bob Russell MP, Ward is by no means an isolated case.

Party suspends British MP for "apartheid Israel" remarks - The Jerusalem Post - 18th July 2013


Buy Israeli Goods Week

The Fair Play Campaign Group is supporting a campaign across the UK to buy Israeli goods at Sainsbury’s stores. To find out more about the campaign, view the video below:

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Chair's Message: June 2013

It was an inspiration to see the streets of Central London and Trafalgar Square turned blue and white by members of our own and the pro-Israel non Jewish communities at our Closer to Israel at 65 parade and celebration earlier this month. The resounding words of Michael Gove were a timely reminder that despite the many challenges the bilateral relationship between Israel and the UK remains strong and that we live in a country where we can display pride in our identity as British Jews and Zionists in the public domain.

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Exec's Summary: June 2013

Last week I attended the Israeli Presidential Conference, which focussed on the theme of tomorrow. I was privileged, together with my American counterpart Malcolm Hoenlein to play a role in a panel discussion on "Changing the Guard", focussing on transitioning younger people into key leadership roles. I showcased our homegrown UK programmes such as Lead, Adam Science and the New Leadership Network. It was refreshing to hear that such initiatives are regarded as global examples of best practice and that the Adam Science programme is now being emulated in Israel itself.

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PaJeS Holds Annual Ivrit Teachers' Conference

Some 60 teachers attended the PaJeS division’s Third Annual Ivrit Teachers’ Conference on June 18th. The event included contributions from local experts in modern foreign language teaching and as a thought provoking finale, a talk from Mrs Zahava Taub, who in addition to being a world class educator is also the wife of the current Israeli Ambassador. 

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Leading In Session Two: Raising Your Profile

Lead, the leadership development division of the JLC, held the second of its newest initiative, Leading In, on 30th May. The event, held at the Jewish Museum was attended by 60 lay and professional leaders from more than 30 Jewish communal organisations. 

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Lead's Adam Science's Inspiring International Seminar in Boston

Lead’s Adam Science group recently returned from a fantastic 5 days in Boston where they met a whole host of Jewish communal professional and lay leaders. Boston’s Jewish community is a similar size diaspora community to the UK, and therefore provides a perfect prism to compare and contrast challenges faced and opportunities seized within the two communities.

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