New JLC Member: Leeds Jewish Representative Council

The Leeds Jewish Representative Council represents the Jewish Community of Leeds and its surrounding districts.

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Jewish Legacy Giving

The JLC is proud to endorse a cross-communal initiative on legacy giving

Legacy income is the single biggest source of unrestricted funds for charities today; in the Jewish community accounting for a significant proportion of annual donations to Jewish causes. As the value of legacies continues to increase (estimated at £80 million annually), its importance is indisputable to the charities which rely on this source to deliver services and plan ahead for future projects.

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Policy focus - Equality Act

The Equality Act 2010 is an enormous bill that reworks all equalitylaw making it unlawful to discriminate against anyone because of a 'protected characteristic' (age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation). The Act is generally concerned with preventing discrimination on the basis of these protected characteristics and promoting equality between them.

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Meeting the Prime Minister

Our meeting at Downing Street illustrated many of the achievements of the community and the challenges it faces. The meeting had been a long time in coming and it was only after considerable efforts were expended by the JLC that we actually got it. The Prime Minister promised us that these meetings will now be a regular occurrence. It is very reassuring for the community leadership to meet up with government at the highest level. Many of the issues we raised such as equalities legislation, the Dilnott recommendations on social care, single faith provision and of course antisemitism are high on the agenda of our JLC member organisations, most of whom fed into the preparation process for the meeting.

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Consultation on Women in Jewish Leadership

A snapshot of the Jewish community’s main organisations last summer revealed that women comprise only a fifth of all trustees, a quarter of chief executives and a quarter of members of the elected Body, the Board of Deputies. British Jewish women are high educational and professional achievers: the 2001 Census demonstrated that in the top occupational categories, Jewish women matched and in most cases proportionally out-performed men in the general population. However, the Jewish community is failing to benefit from their skills and expertise at a leadership level, where women are significantly under-represented. You can read more about our research on this in our report on "Gender Imbalance- the status quo"

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Chanukah in the Square 2011

Chanukah in the Square took place on Tuesday 20th December 2011 and saw the lighting of the London Menorah by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

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CST's Antisemitic Discourse report 2010

CST's Mark Gardner discusses their latest report on Antisemitic Discourse:

CST has issued its final report of the year, examining antisemitic discourse in Britain in 2010. This covers public discussion of antisemitism, Jews and Jewish issues in mainstream media and politics and may be read at CST's website.

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Q&A: Steven Lewis, Jewish Care

1. What motivates you to be involved in communal life?

Being Jewish teaches me the responsibility to help others in whatever capacity one may be able - whether financially or by giving time as a volunteer.

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Chair's Message: December 2012

As 2011 draws to a close I am pleased to be able to reflect upon a period of solid progress and development at the JLC. Our new governance arrangements implemented earlier this year firmly put the agenda of the Council in the hands of our member charities. This was a very important moment for the JLC and in turn it has led to the development of an organisation collectively prioritising joint action on a range of strategic imperatives. Our current portfolio of initiatives - such as the Commission on Women in Leadership, the Community Chest to fund central service provision, the development of a new central schools partnership, our Community Vitality project, and our political oversight work – really reflect the way that the JLC is now operating as a communal hub spanning the core areas of UK Jewish life.

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CEO Summary: December 2012

As we celebrate Chanukah this year, recent events such as MPs questioning the loyalty of British Jews in public service, or joining parties where Nazi uniforms and chants pass as 'having fun' bring to mind the historic triumph of the Maccabees over those who sought to deny Jews their basic freedoms. However, our celebrations and rituals tend to emphasise the story of the single cruise of oil which miraculously burned for eight days, rather than the military victory.

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