Q&A: Michele Vogel, WIZO President

1. What motivates you to be involved in communal life?

We all benefit from our community. Volunteering for over 35 years is my way of giving something back. In particular, my fundraising work for WIZO projects in Israel enables me to combine volunteerism with Zionism. I feel strongly that by becoming involved and engaged in communal life one gains more than one puts in.

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News From Our Members - UJS

The role of President at the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) is a one-year job. There is much to do and never enough time.

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A word from our newest member


Q&A: James Libson, JLC New Leadership Network Representative

In the first of a series of interviews with our members we talk to James Libson. The New Leadership Network was established by the JLC as a forum for future leaders of our communal organisations. Two NLN representatives sit on the JLC itself.

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Universal Jurisdiction

Since 2005 many Israeli visitors and speakers have faced the threat of being arrested due to the abuse of universal jurisdiction legislation. For the past two years the JLC has coordinated work with a number of partners to resolve a problem that struck at the very core of the relationship between our community and the State of Israel. The JLC decided to get things moving in the middle of 2009. We did this not just to defend Israel, but also because many Jewish charities were being directly affected by the fact that their guests faced the prospect of arrest and harassment. We commissioned a legal opinion from Lord Pannick QC which recommended a change in the law. We wanted to protect universal jurisdiction itself, a vital innovation that grew out of the Holocaust, while preventing it from being abused. The day after Lord Pannick sent us his Opinion, an arrest warrant was issued for the then Opposition Leader of Israel, Tzipi Livni.

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Jewish Community Vitality

JLC Member Bill Benjamin will be leading an exciting strategic exercise designed to assist JLC members allocate resources towards initiatives that will ensure the future vitality of our community.

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Promoting Women in Leadership - Consultation Process

Before the summer the JLC launched our Commission on Women in Leadership. This strategic exercise aims to deliver a series of recommendations to the community to promote a greater number of women taking on senior leadership roles.

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Launching the JLC Purchasing Club

In recent years the JLC's shared resources initative has identified and delivered annual savings totaling more than £750,000 across the Jewish charity sector. Most of these savings have been achieved by aggregating purchasing in the sector.

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Celebrating Jewish Schools

Earlier this month the JLC brought together two hundred teachers, head teachers and Governors from all sections of the community. The purpose of the gathering was to present the three year report of our Schools Strategy Implementation Group which was created to implement the recommendations of our 2008 Commission on Jewish Schools.

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Social Care - Dilnott Commission on Elderly Care

Jewish Care and Nightingale recently took the opportunity to participate in the Dilnot Commission on Funding of Care and Support. They submitted a joint detailed policy position to the Government and the JLC was able to coordinate and assist by advising on the politics of the debate and how best to communicate some of the social care organisations' arguments in favour of change.

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