Policy Focus - Localism

Since the Coalition Government formed, you will have heard the words 'localism' and 'decentralisation' flying about. What do they mean and how will implementation of these policies affect the Jewish Community?

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Visa Problems

Some JLC member organisations, youth groups and regional communities benefit immeasurably from the input of shlichim, temporary emissaries from Israel. Shlichim spend a temporary period of time in the UK, working with the community to enhance the relationship between UK Jewry and Israel and often providing particular input in the arena of Jewish education. The way in which this scheme operates is now under threat due to proposed changes by the UK Border Agency which will severely limit the maximum length of stay and other rights, such emissaries and their families.

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JLC Purchasing Club Update

In October we announced the launch of the new JLC Purchasing Club for communal charities and Jewish schools.  This latest phase in our Shared Resources Initiative has got off to an incredibly positive start and a number of organisations are already benefitting from early savings. We have been particularly successful in cutting costs for major print jobs and cleaning contracts for some organisations.

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LEAD: Jewish Leadership Excellence and Development

Last month we announced that LEAD: Jewish Leadership Excellence and Development, had been launched to provide visionary, inspirational and transformational Jewish community leaders and leadership within the UK Jewish community.

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Chair's Message: November 2011

Embedding a long-term strategy for nurturing and developing the next generation of leadership has been at the heart of the JLC platform since our inception. A fundamental reason for the existence of the JLC has always been to ensure that a new generation of leaders who are both willing and prepared to lead our major institutions is created. This is why we are particularly pleased to have launched the new LEAD initiative as a project of the JLC. It is a natural fit. LEAD is the culmination of three years of work and consolidation of key leadership initiatives. Its development and success will now be a core responsibility of the JLC and our member organisations. I know they will all take that responsibility seriously. I am particularly delighted that outgoing World Jewish Relief Chairman Nigel Layton has agreed to head up this initiative.

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Bridging the gap

A consequence of the introduction of University tuition fees has been additional financial pressure upon students who take a gap year before university. The impact this year has been particularly acute, with students effectively being landed with a £9000 bill which would not have applied had they chosen not to defer.

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CEO summary November 2011

It's easy to bash "the leadership". An all too prevalent refrain of communal life involves blaming the nameless, faceless "communal leadership". However, as WIZO UK President Michele Vogel points out below these are increasingly large numbers of people working tirelessly, often behind the scenes for the collective benefit of our community. Most of them do not seek acknowledgement, recognition or praise.

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Q&A: Michele Vogel, WIZO President

1. What motivates you to be involved in communal life?

We all benefit from our community. Volunteering for over 35 years is my way of giving something back. In particular, my fundraising work for WIZO projects in Israel enables me to combine volunteerism with Zionism. I feel strongly that by becoming involved and engaged in communal life one gains more than one puts in.

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News From Our Members - UJS

The role of President at the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) is a one-year job. There is much to do and never enough time.

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A word from our newest member