What do the JLC Trustees do?

Every charity has Trustees, who are legally responsible for running the charity. The JLC’s Trustees meet monthly and discuss the regular management of the Council. They receive reports from the JLC’s committees and staff on their current work, and take decisions about what the JLC should be doing to respond to situations affecting the community.

How are the Trustees chosen?

  • Most of the Trustees are elected from within the Council of Membership. Only those representatives of member organisations are allowed to stand and vote.
  • The President of the Board of Deputies is automatically a JLC Trustee.
  • Up to three additional Trustees can be co-opted. These will usually be people who have specific skills that the JLC needs or who run major JLC projects.

Who are they accountable to?

The Trustees report to the Council of Membership. Like all charities, the Trustees are also accountable to the Charity Commission and to the law in general for the actions of the JLC.

Who are the current Trustees?




Keith Black

Debra Fox

Vice Chair

Mark Adlestone OBE Louise Jacobs





Michael Goldstein Laura Marks Mark Morris Marie van der Zyl  





 Hilda Worth   
Suzi Woolfson Jonathan Zenios